Philanthropy Day


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Our chapter’s philanthropy program has one huge fundraiser called Mr. Whitman in the fall that donates to international and local organizations (the Children’s Home Society of Washington – Walla Walla this year). This event is a male beauty pageant that incorporates the entire campus to raise money for a cause that we decide is in dire need of the money and is vital to others. Men from all the fraternities as well as those not affiliated with the Greek system participate. By having many different representatives, the entire campus gets involved in fundraising activities which each participant creates with the support and help of Kappa committees assigned to each of them.

Our “Reading Is Key” event is Dr. Seuss Day at the local Walla Walla Public Library in the spring. 200 children and families from the community come and participate in Dr. Seuss themed activities. Additionally, we give every child a new book in a decorated canvas bag to take home, helping many of the families encourage literacy in a community that has a large majority of families that live below the poverty level.

We also participate in Kappa Saturday, which takes place at the local public library once a month. A typical Kappa Saturday consists of making themed crafts with children while promoting the library at the same time. Additionally, we promote The Kappa Foundation and other volunteer work with clubs and campus opportunities among the women of our chapter.