Meet Whitman’s Sororities


What is Whitman Panhellenic?

Whitman College is a small, private liberal arts institution with a long-standing history of academic excellence. The primary concern and the common good of all members of the College community, past and present, is the development of the intellects of its students. It is also the purpose of the institution to enrich the personal lives of its students and enhance their ability to serve society.

 It is with these aims in mind that the College has approved and supported the establishment of fraternities and sororities on the campus. Each recognized chapter has stated purposes that are in harmony with those of the College. Fraternities and sororities exist in order to supplement the curriculum and programs offered by the College. Their role is to promote the pursuit of academic excellence, enrich the personal lives, and further the ability of their members to serve society.

The fraternities and sororities state that they share the values and goals of the College. Any additional goals they hold for themselves should be comparable with those of the institution, and the practices of all recognized organizations should contribute to an overall educational atmosphere. Whitman’s underlying philosophy toward rules and regulations is one of granting maximum amount of individual freedom within a context of residential living, and at the same time demanding a high degree of personal responsibility in order to maintain a campus atmosphere which is conducive to teaching, studying and learning.

Membership in a fraternity or sorority provides opportunities for students to broaden their educational experiences while at the College. Greek organizations offer students an option, which can supplement their personal lives as well as their formal education. The College recognizes this and encourages their presence and contributions.